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Jan Stel (Purmerend, the Netherlands) is a self-taught Fine Art Photographer and Photoshop Artist. He explores the abandoned places of our times, a forgotten world where mankind has disappeared. The mixture of fascinating history, absence of mankind and curiosity about our beautiful world of decay is the photographic essence. All of Stel his photography is made in pure natural light; no flashlights or studio lamps are used.

It was around 1998 that the fascination for “Abandoned & Forgotten” started. For more than 10 years, Jan Stel is committed to capture the remains of our past glory. Jan is sensitively capturing these characteristic places before they are eventually lost to time. And the memories they hold will become forgotten and fade away. Places that once hummed with life and movement stand silent and devoid of human presence.

Fine Art Printing:

IMPRESSED! Do you want to known more about Jan Stel his Fine Art Prints? In four steps he will guide you.
The A2+ Portfolio is available for viewing at the Gallery or during art-fairs. It is also possible to have a meet-up.


Fine Art Photography

Jan only shoots in natural daylight when exploring abandoned places, no studio lamps or flashes are used. The equipment range from Canon full-frame to PhaseOne cameras, and on occasion analogue. Only optical perfected prime and tilt-shift lenses are used. All photographs are enhanced on calibrated monitors.

Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Prints are available in various sizes (including XXL) and are printed on high quality paper with a look and feel of Barite prints. Superb in clarity, high in sharpness and controlled with excellent colour gamut. The pigment based inkjet printer and acid free paper are granted for long term protection. And a pleasure to enjoy!

Mounting and framing

To give the artwork a elegant finish and protection Plexiglass (floating frame) or Art-Glass (wooden frame) will provide an optimal look. High-quality mounting will be done on Dibond and Aluminium. These materials ensure the artwork is completely smooth and cannot warp. Varnish is possible with smaller sizes.

Transportation service

Artwork ordered national will be finished on your preference or on advice. Oversees ordered artwork will be transported in a special protective cylinder. All artwork is personally signed, numbered and accomplished with our Certificate of Authenticity. Payments are managed savely through the gallery.
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Eduard Planting is specialized in selling and buying photographs by (inter) nationally well-known artists. Besides that, he regularly give attention to upcoming talent. In his opinion this creates an interesting mix and contrast between famous and unknown photographers. That same tense mix applies to the different styles and periods the photographs descends from. This mixture ensures that for every budget and for every interior an appropriate artwork can be found, for individual collectors as well as for collecting companies.

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